Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Ole Switcharoo

As I continue to march through the list of essentinals a stylish guy should be aware of, I've come to my next topic; Nylon NATO Straps.

NATO straps originated in the British military during war times. It was primarily used on diving watches because it didn't rust, it was inexpensive, and there was no worry of a pin coming unfastened and the watch getting lost. NATO straps grew wildly popular when the Original 007, Sean Connery, wore one similar in the movie Goldfinger in 1964. 

Now they're offered in just about any color combination you can dream of. So if you're lookin for a quick inexpensive way to put a spark into your summer wardrobe, take heed to these 4 steps: 

1. Buy this watch
2. Go to this website
3. Buy three or four different styles. 
4. Change them out as often as you please.
*You can swap out one strap for another in as little as 45 seconds*

Polo Shirt~Palo Ralph Lauren, Chinos~JCrew, Canvas Sneakers~Aldo, Belt~Army Navy Surplus, Watch~Timex

Polo Shirt~Hollister, Madras Shorts~Polo Ralph Lauren, Belt~JCrew, Watch~Timex

Polo Shirt~Duck Head, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Loafers~Bass, Watch~Timex

Dress Shirt~H&M, Chinos~JCrew, Silk Knit Tie~JCrew, Dress Shoes~Banana Republic, Belt~Gap, Watch~Timex

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  1. I think this is the post that broke the camel's back.

    I need to get a watch.