Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lighten Up

Bengal Striped Buttondown Shirt~Hollister, Tie~JCrew, Blazer~Higgins(thrifted), Jeans~Levis(thrifted), Loafers~Bass, Watch~Timex
Over the past few years, I don't think there has been another article of clothing that has been given a harsher stigma than light denim. They're normally referred to as "dad jeans". Why? Well they're so high waisted that they almost come up to your belly-button (bad), and they seem to always come in a "relaxed fit" (really bad). And to make matters worse, our current president continues to parade around in a terrible fitting pair every chance he gets (tragic).

I, however, think that these can be pulled off stylishly. There are just a few simple rules in mind when doing so.
Rule 1. 
Make sure they fit. They should sit on your hips. Or if you're north of 35 years then they can rest an inch or two higher. They should fit slim through the leg and there should be absolutely no flare at the bottom.
Rule 2.
Refrain from pairing white sneakers with them. No matter how well they fit you will always end up looking like Seinfeld
Rule 3.
Wear only during the day. Once the sun goes down these will look pretty silly. Wanna wear jeans at night, put on your dark denim (you have a pair, right?).

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