Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transitional Outerwear

Illustration by Andrew Mashanov 

This time of year is notorious for wonky weather. It can jump from 60 degrees at 8 A.M to a spike to the mid 80’s by lunchtime. This can make getting dressed challenging as you’ll need to wear something that will prevent you from freezing in the morning but doesn’t swallow you up by the afternoon. Lightweight outerwear can be your friend in these times. And to accompany that, you need to wear something underneath that can stand well on its own when it comes time to shed your chill blocker. I’d say a crisp polo is your best option. They look best worn untucked so be sure you get the length right (no more than 3 inches below the belt). The short sleeve allows a more streamlined look versus wearing a long sleeved button-down and rolling the sleeves (as you most certainly will want to do to when perspiration comes a calling).

This one’s the least expensive of the bunch and receives kudos for being American made (L.A. to be exact). I’ve tried this one on personally and I can say the fit and the feel are legit. A sans-letter/logo varsity jacket is a bit ironic I admit, but I totally dig it. And I’m forecasting that maroon will be the color of the season.

Everyone needs to own a denim jacket. They can be worn as outerwear, obviously, but can also be worn under a blazer or wool coat when the mercury drops to the 40’s. Just make sure its cut slim to avoid being confused with a cowboy.

This is made out of a borderline bulky lambswool so it’s the heaviest piece in this bunch. You can save this one for right before it sets into full winter. The football motif indicates you possess a confident sense of humor and the double zippers help bring it back to more serious territory.

 This piece came from a special one-time-only collaboration on a full collection from high fashion designer Raf Simons and famous painter, Sterling Ruby. This jacket in particular has a subdued feel with the blacked-out camo paired with rainbow stripes. It is something quite unique and I say if you’ve got the cash, go for it.

From L to R:
And about those perfect-for-noontime-heat polos- here are a few that I handpicked. Notice they’re all primarily solid with minute pops of contrast. That’s when I think they’re at their best.

Edited by Felicity Rhode

Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Kill it at your Class Reunion

Illustration by John Martz

I graduated from Berkeley High School (Go Stags!) way back in 2004. That’s right, 10 years ago. Back when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake got nasty during the Super Bowl and nobody knew what an iPhone was. All that means is that my 10 year reunion is coming up soon, like in a few weeks. While I’m pretty confident and excited about my accomplishments over the past 10 years, no one at the reunion really cares about that stuff. They’ll be more interested in asking the important questions, like “Who shrunk miraculously like Jonah Hill?”, “Who ballooned to sumo wrestler-like proportions?” and “Which ugly duckling turned into Kate Moss?” I’d say as much as 80% of the interest in these things is how well has everyone aged. How does everyone look? And what you wear can really tell that story in a good way or a bad way. So here’s a few tips on how to put the best version of you on display and make that old flame or crush rethink their adolescent decisions.

Look 1

A navy suit is really the safest option. It requires very little commitment because it can be reused for just about any occasion. It would certainly be the most versatile use of your money. To help spice things up a bit, nix the white shirt and go for something a little less “business officey” and insert a patterned shirt. I like this one from Gant Rugger. It has a cool wave motif in the of-the-moment shade of indigo. Also, feel free to have some fun with the shoes and opt for the just-released Adidas x Pharrell Williams collaboration on the iconic Stan Smith sneakers. Done in all black and with the three stripes stripped, they’re very understated. It’s sure to help bring things together seamlessly.

Look 2

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit more, go for this glen plaid number by J.Crew. Constructed from English wool, it’s sure to keep those fall winds at bay. With so much eye candy going on with the suit, its best to keep the shirt and tie solid. For the shoes, go the unpredictable route and forgo the oxfords for a leather desert boot. It has the ruggedness of being a boot to go along with the English countryside origins of the suiting fabric, but at the same time the look is still elegant due to the supple leather.

Look 3

Last but surely not least, even if the waistline hasn’t been kind to you over the years there’s still something for you too. Suit Supply is a fairly new brand (started in 2000 but didn’t begin to make real noise until recently), so they don’t offer separates yet. But their sizing goes up to a 50 inch chest and 44 inch waist. Your best bet is to go for a striped options. The vertical lines will help create the illusion of height, which will in turn help you appear slimmer. It has a notch lapel as opposed to the peak which will only draw more attention to your broad chest. Speaking of which, skip the pocket square, which draws attention to your chest too. And lastly, the fit is highly important. You want there to be zero break from the pant hem to the shoe to help maintain that vertical line which (let’s say it together now) makes you look taller and slimmer. 

So I've just given you three different ways to absolutely break necks at your high school reunion. So take your pick, keep head held high, and knock em dead.

Edited by Felicity Rhode

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CFW 2014 Night 4 Street Style

Charleston Fashion Week has had yet another successful year. The last showings were over the weekend. And in all the excitement I forgot to post my last set of street style shots. Here they are. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charleston Fashion Week Night 3 Outside the Tents

So I missed night 2 due to classes but I'm back outside the tents on night 3 shooting some good ole southern street style. You guys know the drill. Check out the pics and don't forget about the video where I picked 3 people to interview.