Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanna Get Away???

After taking a quick trip this past Memorial Day Weekend, it got me to thinking. This is predominantly the time when most folks take a lot of "weekend getaway" trips. Just think about it. The weather is great. The kids are (almost) out of school. And with three of the government holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day) it gives you the opportunity to be gone longer and not have to use vacation time from work. 

photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

But as exiting as that sounds, there is still a major issue that lots of people hate. PACKING. Some bring too much, some bring too little, and some have no idea what to bring at all. So guys and gals, here I am to save the day, and your sanity. I'm going to tell you what you should be bringing with you that will have you prepared for any situation. And I promise (if you know how to fold) everything will fit in one bag. Now keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Think of this simply as the framework. Many of these can be swapped out for something similar but the same concept must be kept in mind for it to work. This list that I have compiled will allow you to spend less time trying to remember if you left something, and more time relaxing and having a blast!!!

The Bags.

Left. Cutter & Buck. Right. LL Bean

You want something that's durable and attractive. Depending on your budget I would say you should go with either leather or canvas. My wife and I both have canvas bags. 

Now for actually filling the bags with the essentials.

Tops for Him.

1. H&M, 2. Hollister, 3. Polo Ralph Lauren
You want to keep the shirts simple yet interesting. When it comes to (1) tshirts I think they look best with stripes. If you wear a solid color then you run the risk of coming off a little boring. Now a (2) polo in a solid color is perfect. And as always, if your outside don't forget to flip up that collar. The sun is brutal during this season. And lastly your (3) go-with-everything blue oxford. This shirt should be the workhorse of your weekend because you can dress it up or down. You can wear it to an all night party, take it off, go to sleep, wake up, then throw it back on without a care because it looks better with wrinkles. 

Max's of Charleston
Anytime there's an occasion that requires a blazer, this is what you reach for. Just make sure you get one that isn't fully lined. That way you will still be able to catch some of the breeze.

Tops for Her.

1,2,&3. Tommy Hilfiger, 4. Ralph Lauren
Just like what I said for the men, ladies should bring a (1) striped tshirt. This one has a vneck just for a little added touch. And don't forget a (2) simple polo. Remember, it can be virtually any color you want. As long as its slim and solid you've got the green light from me. Next up is this (3) white eyelet blouse. Its a great feminine piece and because it's sleeveless, it allows you to feel the breeze. Lastly, whenever the breeze gets to be a little too much for you, just throw on this (4) light button down sweater. Make sure its a color that goes with all of your tops. This navy color is perfect. But you could try a grey, white, or maybe even a faded red could work.

Bottoms for Him.

1. JCrew, 2,3,&5. Polo Ralph Lauren, Lands End Canvas
A great pair of (1) chino pants will take you anywhere that your shorts or denim wont. Speaking of (2&3) shorts, you should bring one pair in a bright color, and as an alternate the madras shorts will be great as well. Some (4) white denim is great to throw on in the evening when the wind gets to be a little too much for the shorts. And of course the (5) trunks. It would be advantageous to find a pair that looks good off the beach as well. Its just gonna save you time if all you have to do is throw on a shirt and go. One thing to remember, NO BASKETBALL SHORTS ON THE BEACH!!! I say this for two reasons, 1. they're unflattering and they make you look like you're in middle school. They're cut way too long. Trunks should fall mid to low thigh. Not your shins. Reason 2. It will take you longer to dry. Well made swimming trunks are designed to dry very quickly while basketball shorts are only made to handle sweat which is no comparison to being soaked in a pool or the ocean.

Bottoms for Her.

1. JCrew, 2. Polo Ralph Lauren, 3&4. Banana Republic
Starting off with (1) a bright colored pair of shorts is always the way to go. Back that up with a more (2) toned down neutral pair just to wear as an alternate. Nothing says summer more than some (3) linen pants. They are extremely lightweight and grabbing a pair in white is a very smart choice. A (4) pleated skirt is great because it can be dressed up or down. It really just depends on where your going.

Left. Antonio Melani. Right. Polo Ralph Lauren
Two piece or one piece bathing suits really don't matter. It just depends on your preference. The important thing to remember is to have an attractive cover up for when beach time is over. Why? Because any beach worth its salt is going to have a plethora of restaurants and shops nearby and its more convenient to go straight there afterwards as opposed to having to change into regular clothes. And in my opinion, its really not OK to walk into a restaurant, even one right next to the beach, wearing just a bathing suit.

His Shoes and Accessories.
Left. Aldo. Right. Bass
During this time of year I almost live in my canvas sneakers. Maybe its because I just went 6 months without wearing them during the fall and winter. They go with everything and they look better when they're a little dirty. But if they get to be too dirty, then all you do is just toss them in the washing machine then hang dry. They'll be good as new. The loafers are what you wear to the airport because they're easy to slip off and on.  And you could also wear them for a night out on the town. 

1. Timex, 2. Tommy Hilfiger, 3. Army Navy Surplus, 4&8. JCrew,  5. Meeting Street, 6&7. Polo Ralph Lauren
OK, listen carefully. Wear (1) this watch. When you put it on you do not have to take it off until you get home. Literally. It goes with every outfit that  you could possibly put together (maybe not a tux), and its also waterproof. So you can wear it in the pool, in the ocean, and in the shower and it will be fine. If you would like an alternate, try one (2) with a brown leather strap. A (3) belt that's not black or brown is a must. Remember, this is your time for some color. Just make sure its calculated colors. Make sure it goes with everything you have. You don't need to bring five different belts for a weekend trip. Once again just as an alternate, this (4) brown version is the smartest choice. You can't go wrong with a pair of (5) keyhole shades. I wear mine almost every day. Now here's my two cents on (6&7) money clips and wallets (get it?). You should keep the wallet as slim as possible. The days of the huge bulge in your back pocket are over. Be sure to edit what you have in there. In mine I carry my drivers license, debit card, and health insurance card. If you must, I say its OK to have maybe 1 or 2 wallet sized pictures stuffed in there. But don't get carried away with it. Put your cash in the money clip. Maybe I'm a little old school but I'm not ready to be a strictly plastic guy yet. I think you should always have at least a little cash on you because you just never know. Lastly, in case there's a time when a tie is required, bring (8) one in navy blue. I don't think I own a shirt that this tie wont go with.

Her Shoes and Accessories.

Left. Gap. Right. Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Just like the canvas sneakers above these sandals serve the same purpose. You can wear them to go just about wherever you need to go. And the white goes with everything. The flats are good any time of day but especially for the evening where the sandals would look a little off. Just make sure you get a pair in a neutral color. I would say some shade of brown or even a nude pair would suffice.

1. Calvin Klein(thrifted), 2. Gap, 3&4). H&M, 5&6. Lauren by Ralph Lauren, 7. Market
A simple (1) brown leather belt that goes with everything is always key. This (2) nylon belt has a smart stripe running along the middle and helps keep it interesting. (3) Aviators have been relevant for over 50 years. There's a good reason why. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're going to be relevant for the next 50 years as well. (4) Hair accessories are a nice touch just so long as you do it in moderation. Your hair doesn't need to look like a garden. The best way to keep down on clutter is to bring one set of (5,6,&7) jewelry that can be dressed up or down. Its less thought and less effort. Remember, focus your energy on enjoying your weekend, not which earrings go best with your shoes. Your significant other will thank you later.

A Night Out.

Now I know there will be some ladies who ask "Yea everything looks great for hanging out and all. But what if I want to go to a nice restaurant? I cant put my dress in the bag. It will get wrinkled...." Well ladies relax. I've assembled an evening outfit using the same clothes from above. This look will get you into at least 95% of the restaurants. For the other 5% who have stricter dress codes, the skirt may not pass. If you know ahead of time before you leave home then you can throw a dress in a garment bag. But this post is just about bringing versatile essentials. There's only one way to wear a dress. That's why it didn't make this list.

So there you have it. A foolproof guide to packing for that quick summer weekend getaway. And just to keep things interesting, try to go to at least one city you've never been to before. More times than not, exploring the unknown tends to bring people closer together.


  1. I wish I could be like you but better yet, find a woman like you wife that admires the beauty of simplicity and embraces it in her everyday style. Thank you for taking the time for this post, it is what I would like my girl and I to look like. Kudos!

    1. Ha, thanks man. It makes things a lot of fun when your wife dresses as well if not better than you. Thanks for reading!