Friday, April 27, 2012

Get it Poppin

        As of now, were approaching the halfway point of spring. The days are warmer, the sun is out longer, and your list of outdoor events are starting to pile up. And most important to me, polo season is right around the corner. While I'm not really excited about baking in the sun, I just can't resist taking advantage of the beautiful scenery outside. But we don't have to be a slave to the sun's vicious rays. We can help relief some of the torture by a simple flip of the collar.

       The trend started when the sailors and fishermen who were in their boats on the open water for hours on end, they were looking for a way to stay cool. So they popped up the collars on their shirts. When they got back to land at the end of the day, they left their collars up and all the landlovers took notice and started to imitate the look. And hark, a trend was born.

I personally like to employ the look on those sunny days just because it feels so much better when the sun isn't beaming on my neck. However, I do have one very important rule that will keep you from looking like a poser....NEVER. POP. YOUR COLLAR. AT NIGHT!!! There's no reason for it. The suns not out. Your just trying too hard. #thatisall

Polo Shirt~Duck Head(Thrifted), Chino Shorts~Polo Ralph Lauren(cut off), Penny Loafers~Bass, Watch~Tommy Hilfiger, Belt~JCrew, Sunglasses~H&M

Madras Plaid Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Chino Shorts~Polo Ralph Lauren, Desert Boots~Aldo, Belt~Army Navy Surplus, Watch~Timex, Sunglasses~H&M


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