Saturday, May 12, 2012

White Out

One of the main ingredients to a strong wardrobe is a great pair of dark, well fitting blue jeans. They go with practically everything in your closet. However, there are days when you want to kick things up a notch. So if your tired of feeling ''blue'' (i couldnt help it), then try taking a walk on the white-side...of denim, that is. Just like a pair of dark blue jeans, white jeans are equally versitile. And forget the old saying of Memorial Day to Labor. It's all hogwash! If done right, white denim can be worn at any point during the year. 

Here I took some white denim and styled them 3 different ways just to give you guys some ideas of how to pull it off.

Look 1. Rooftop party.

If your fortunate enough to have a friend with access to a rooftop, you should definitely encourage them to throw a party up there. Its a very unique experience as opposed to your typical house party or cookout. Here you can keep it simple, cool, and breezy with a polo. And dont forget to pop that collar. That sun doesnt mess around.

Polo~Sixteen Seventy, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Belt~JCrew, Loafers~Bass, Sunglasses~H&M, Watch~Timex

Look 2. Outdoor Wedding.

Its that time of year. Many people are ditching the chapel and opting for an outdoor wedding. Its a great way to take advantage of the awesome weather and the beautiful blooming flowers. Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking. "Only the bride can wear white". Once again I say hogwash! I beleive that rule only applies to the ladies. But as far as the guys, I think its free game. There are nonetheless two things to consider. When trying to pull this off you must keep the rest of the look simple and classic. Navy blazer, icy blue dress shirt, and navy tie. Thats it. Let those whites do all the talking. And remember, weddings are the only time you can dance like crazy and no ones gonna judge you. GO FOR IT!!!

Dress Shirt~Express, Silk Knit Tie~JCrew, Blazer~Max's, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Loafers~Bass, Tie Bar~Meeting Street, Watch~Tommy Hillfiger

Look 3. At Night.

One of the funnest ways to wear white is at night. Its typically a time when people bring out their darker hues. The grays the blues the blacks. And you can do that too. Just throw in some white denim with it to freshen up the look. Just be sure like I said earlier to keep the rest of the look dark. It will produce the sharpest contrast of colors. And one things for sure, youll have no problem hailing a taxi.

Tartan Plaid Oxford Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Tartan Plaid Tie~JCrew, Tweed Blazer~Gap, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Shoes~Banana Republic, Belt~Gap, Watch~Timex, Tie Bar~Meeting Street

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  1. Luv the styles. Much success & God Bless u!! Ur cuz n law. Mo *_*