Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nantucket Reds

The island of Nantucket (pronounced nan-tuhk-it ) rests about 30 miles southeast of Massachusetts. It is known as one of the ultimate preppy getaways. It is simply gorgeous there (I've never been but I'm planning a trip in the near future). Its roughly only 15 miles long and as you would expect its loaded with million dollar real estate. But I'm not trying to sell you a house there. I want to introduce you to one of my favorite prep staples that was started there many years ago..

Nantucket Reds. They were made widely popular by Murray's Toggery Shop located on the island since 1945. They're claim to fame is "They're Guaranteed to Fade". The more you wear them and the more you wash them they begin to slowly transition from a strawberry red to a salmon pinkish color. These days they're carried by many different brands at every price point so they shouldn't be too hard to acquire. I think the simplest, most classic way to wear them is with a white button down and some boat shoes. But really they're versatile enough that you can wear them with almost anything. Mine are only about a year old and I don't wear em a ton so they're still pretty red. However I do love em. Maybe this year  I'll try to wear em more and by next summer they'll be proudly faded. 

Buttondown Camp Shirt~Gap, Shorts~Polo Ralph Lauren, Belt~Army Navy Surplus, Boat Shoes~Sonoma, Watch~Nautica, Sunglasses~H&M


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