Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Check 1, 2

For those of you looking for a way to give your wardrobe a jolt of energy without having to completely change everything, look no further than the gingham pattern. 
Gingham (pronounced /giNGəm/) which dates back to the 17th century, was originally a simple striped pattern but about 100 years later they began to weave it into the checkered pattern that we know today. As the years went on, the pattern became more and more popular. Arguably the most famous wearer of this pattern was Dorthy from "The Wizard of Oz" with her blue gingham dress.
If done properly, it can be very versitle. But if you do it wrong, then you run the risk of looking like a picnic tablecloth. Here I will show you how to wear 3 different gingham shirts in 3 completely different situations.

1. Fun at the park- Dont be like most dads who show up to the park wearing slouchy cargo shorts and a Steelers t-shirt. Yes I know your just gonna be running around and your not trying to impress anyone. But whats wrong with looking good for yourself? Take a little pride in your appearance. It takes no effort to throw on a gingham button down. You'll be the best dressed dad (or uncle, or older brother) at the park.

On Me: Gingham Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Chino Shorts~Dockers(cutoff, thrifted), Boat Shoes~Sonoma, Watch~Nautica, Belt~Army Navt Surplus, Sunglasses~H&M
On Isaiah: Polo Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Shorts~The Childrens Place, Boat Shoes~Sperry Top-Sider

2. Running Errands- Lets face it, everyone hates running errands on a Saturday. We'd much rather spend our time outside enjoying the nice weather. So we just try to throw on something as quick as possible and go do our running around. But just because we hate doing it, it doesnt mean that we have to look like we hate doing it. As I previously stated, it takes very little effort to do this. And the blue and orange pattern is enough to punch some life into an otherwise mundane task.

Gingham Shirt~Tommy HIlfiger, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Desert Boots~Clarks, Belt~JCrew, Watch~Timex, Sunglasses~H&M

3. Meeting the Parents-This can be a very nerve wrecking time. Your so focused on making a good impression that you end up playing it too safe and you end up looking like all the other boring guys she's brought home in the past. However, injecting some gingham in your outfit may do the trick. Her dad will think you've got some spunk, some character, a little panache. And if you play your cards right, he may be able  to overlook the fact that you stole flowers from the front yard.

Gingham Shirt~Express, Tie~Tommy Hilfiger, Blazer~Max's(thrifted), Chinos~Polo Ralph Lauren, Penny Loafers~Bass, Watch~Tommy Hilfiger


  1. Just purchased some J.Crew gingham! All fitting for any occasion!