Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Short Game

So we've made it through the June and July heat. There's still August to go. And realistically for us southerners, there's September and part of October too. Which means that there's plenty of time to employ this next tip; get yourself a few well-fitting short-sleeve button down shirts. You will be glad you did. Just think of them as the polo's older brother. Slightly more dressy, and you can still stay cool. But sometimes it can actually be harder to get the fit right. Why? For whatever reason, most of these shirts are made with a boxy cut. Meaning that you would almost always have to get them altered. If not, then you end up looking like one of those Geek Squad guys from Best Buy.

But I wont let you go out like that. Below I've highlighted 3 different ways to pull off a short-sleeved button down. 

Look 1.
Weekend/Off Duty
This is one of the easiest ways to do it. During the weekend there doesn't need to be a whole lot of thought that's put into what you wear. It's supposed to be a time of relaxation after a week of hustling and bustling. But don't mistake relaxed for lazy and tacky.

This should fit slim like the rest of your shirts. And the sleeves should hit around the middle of your bicep.

Gingham Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Watch~Nautica, Canvas Sneakers~Aldo, Sunglasses~H&M

Look 2. 
To the office Monday -Thursday

Even if your office has a coat and tie dress code, you can still find these shirts useful. You will still be a lot cooler than everyone else wearing full sleeves. Just make sure the shirt is either solid or has a subtle pattern so it still looks professional.

Keep this in mind, because you have on short sleeves there won't be any shirt cuff showing at your wrists. So make sure the sleeves on your jacket are long enough to keep them covered or it will look too short.
Striped Short Sleeve Shirt~JCrew, Blazer~Higgins(thrifted), Trousers, Express, Loafers~Bass, Tie~Express, Watch~Tommy Hilfiger, Sunglasses~H&M

Look 3.
Casual Friday

After fooling all of your colleagues Monday thru Thursday with your short sleeve shirt hidden under your jacket, go ahead and let it all out.

Some offices may still be a little strict even on casual Fridays. Govern yourselves accordingly and make sure that the office dress code is still adhered to. Don't go getting yourself in trouble. Your boss couldn't give a flip about style.
Checked Short Sleeve Shirt~Old Navy(thrifted), Chinos~JCrew, Belt~JCrew, Tie~JCrew, Watch~Timex,


  1. Nice look! I'm definitely proud of you. :)