Friday, May 10, 2013

Polo Match Style Primer

This coming Sunday is the annual Spring Invitational polo match in Ravenell, SC. While the sport of polo is known as the sport of kings, its also known for its ability to attract a ritzy crowd. But since the sport has recently been brought to the area after almost a 25 year hiatus due to Hurricane Hugo, its very understandable that the folks in the area may have some indecisiveness on what to wear. When I invite my friends to the matches in Aiken (one of the top polo communities in the world) the first thing they always ask is "What do I wear?" The second question is "How do they play it?" Check here for the answer to the second question. As for the answer to the first, just keep reading. I present to u my polo match style primer.

On a budget
Just because you're on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't still be stylish. The polo grounds is a great place to meet a potential wife. Its a family event so she'll probably be there with her folks. So you want to make a good impression on Dad. It's really not hard. Crisp polo shirt, well fitting chinos, and a pair of boat shoes that nearly everyone in the south owns, and your set. Now all you have to do is remember, firm handshake, and look em in the eye.

1-UNIQULO, 2-Forever21, 3-Sperry Top-Sider, 4-Old Navy

Horse lovers
So I totally understand there are people who could care less about the fashioney/social side of polo and they're just there to see some extremely athletic horses. Well I've got you guys covered too in a total unfashioney (read understated) way. If you actually work on a farm then most of this stuff you probably already have. Essentially it's just a good pair of 501's, boots, plaid shirt, and a sweet hat courtesy of Orvis to block out the sun.

1-Orvis, 2-Tanner Goods, 3-Polo Ralph Lauren,  4-Levis, 5- Clarks

Full prep
This one is kinda self explanatory. A navy blazer on top of bright colors, Bass Weejuns, and of course a bow tie in a go-to-hell reversible pattern courtesy of social primer.

1-Polo Ralph Lauren, 2- Tommy Hilfiger, 3- Levis, 4-Bass, 5-Social Primer, 6-Polo Ralph Lauren

I'm not really sure who the "hybrid" guy is but I will say that he relates the closest to me. Sort of like a combination of bits and pieces from different styles that you have made your own. If you haven't the slightest clue which direction to go then this will probably be your safest bet. This glen plaid blazer will go with anything so really you can mix and match any colors you want.

1-Levis, 2-JCrew, 3-JCrew, 4-Jcrew, 5-Bass, 6-Sid Mashburn

Wealthy Tycoon
There's a stigma on wealthy guys :they have horrible style. The reason they all use is "I'm my own boss so I don't care how I look" which is a terrible mentality in my opinion. Also, if your excited about growing your wealth, then one of the easiest ways is through networking and partnering with others. And let's face it, no one wants to work with a slob. You should look like what you're worth. People don't realize it but the polo grounds rival the golf links as one the best places for networking and deal making. Don't miss out on an opportunity because of how you look. Because honestly, many times people take you seriously based on what you have on more than what's in your bank account. First of all, start with an expertly tailored suit in the right shade of grey. Ice blue dress shirt topped with a classic Hermes tie. Nothing less than Gucci loafers on your feet will do. And in my opinion, the best way to hold your pants up is with an alligator belt from Mr Lauren.

1-Thomas Pink, 2-Paul Smith, 3-Paul Smith, 4-Gucci, 5- Ralph Lauren Purple Lable, 6-Hermes

When reviewing all of these looks, the most important thing to remember is that this post is intended for inspiration, not replication. If you wear something that doesn't fit your personality then its just a costume. And that totally goes against everything I believe. What will I be wearing? Well you'll just have to show up and find out.

So now that I've helped you get over the hurdle of figuring out what to wear, come on out and have a good time. You Won't regret it.

Gates open @ 11:00
Junior Match @ 1:00
Main Event @ 3:00
Tickets still for sale here or at the door.
Hyde Park Farm & Polo Club
6763 Davis Road
Ravenel, SC 29470

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