Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Essentials/Trends Pt.4: Floral Ties

After six months of seeing lifeless, bare trees, this next trend helps remind everyone that blooming season is here. Looking to add a little punch around your neck? Cop yourself a floral tie. 

From GQ

It is THE accessory of the season. Extremely fun to wear and youre bound to get a ton of compliments.This one is pretty much strictly for the weekends. But if you get one in with a dark base shade like the one above, you may be able to get away with it in the office. Many brands have jumped on the bandwagon so there's plenty to choose from. But I'll help narrow down those options.

The all-around-go-to-for-inexpensive-perfection does it again. 

Even though I've never been to Hawaii, this tie just gives me a Hawaiian feeling. Actually, thats what the brand calls this model; Hawaii Skinny Tie.

Upon further review, this is another one that you could possibly get away with in the office. Just always be sure to check the "climate" of your office's dress code.This one is simply beautiful to me. This British brand has definitely hit the mark with this one. Such a lovely shade of blue.

One of Charleston's local designers, Chelsie Ravenell has 4 different versions of floral ties to his name. "The London Floral Tie" as he calls this one, is my favorite. It's like a bouque on your chest.

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