Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Essentials/Trends Pt.1; Novelty Shirts

The skies have finally opened up for us in Charleston and spring is finally here. Time to break all the fun clothes you had stored away since September. Its also time to do a little refining of the wardrobe. I'll be doing a quick 5-part series on my 5 top essentials for the Spring of 2013. First up; Novelty Shirts.

Photo Courtesy of GQ

What the heck is a novelty shirt? Simply put, its just an ordinary buttondown made not-so-ordinary by getting covered in a zany, in-your-face pattern. Could be florals, geometric shapes, animals, just about anything. As always, my motto remains when wearing something that commands so much attention as these shirts, you must keep the rest of the look understated.

Below I've found a few in a range of prices. Don't be shy, have a little fun. Add one of these to your warm weather wardrobe see how much you love it.

If you're still a little wary about jumping on this trend, then this is the perfect starter shirt. Something with a tonal design isn't very in-your-face but it still packs some character. And It's one of the least expensive ones I found.

Everyone's heard of Brooks Brothers but I'm pretty sure a lot less have heard about their coked-up younger brother that they keep in the closet. Black Fleece has been around since 2007 and is headed up by the highly touted Thom Browne. If you know anything about his namesake line, then the analogy makes perfect sense.

Paul Smith is one of the biggest names in British Menswear. Known for his very lively aesthetic, he provides many opportunities to buy into this trend. 

So these were just a few options. If you would like to see more then check out the rest of the feature GQ did with Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook.

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