Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cut the Fat

The days of a man being judged by the size of his...wallet are long gone. Well, sort of. A fat wallet says dinosaur, hoarder, inefficient. While a slim wallet says current, minimalist, organized. 

                                                                                       Jack Spade 

In the year 2013 there's very little use for cash anymore. And with so many perks companies throw around for swiping cards, it's made cash borderline obsolete. Now I'm not a moron, I know there are many places that only take cash. But they are few a far in between. But just in case, it's OK to carry around a few $20's. But all those extras are what makes the wallet size balloon to ridiculousness. All the family photos, phone numbers, business cards, Blockbuster cards, gym membership cards, Panera Bread cards, Bi-Lo cards, etc. Just unnecessary. The modern man has tossed his tri-fold wallet in the garbage and has employed the card wallet. Inside should be no more than your driver's licence, 1 debit card, and 1 credit card. And 2 or 3 $20's. All those other membership cards you used to carry, they're all connected with your phone number. As long as you can remember those 10 digits then theres no need to be carrying all those cards around.

A slim card wallet also helps to keep the slim trousers you should be wearing streamlined. Nothing worse than having a huge bulge on your butt. I know it may be hard to downsize, but its for your own good. And it will save your spine. Make the switch and you will notice the difference immediately. It'll be like going from sitting on a boulder to a sheet of paper. So for those of you looking to make the switch, I've included a few different options in multiple price points. Here's to cutting the fat:


JCrew-Brooks Brothers

A.P.C.-Paul Smith


Comme des Garcons-Alexander McQueen

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