Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Blazer in the Bluegrass

I'd like to start of by welcoming you all to my new blog. I've decided to join the masses (which goes against everything I love) and enter the blogging scene. Hopefully I'm able to create a different and unique experience and separate myself and become a legitimate presence in the fashion world.

With that being said, here goes. So this weekend I was in Louisville for a business training conference. My wife and I have been a part of the Amway corporation for a little over 2 years now. Every 3 months a large group of us go to different locations in the southeast to get special training from the leaders in our business.

Packing for the trip was simple. I had one blazer, one tie, light desert boots, dark desert boots, dark denim, grey trousers, one polo, and a few simple button downs. I used to be a habitual overpacker, however, over time I've learned to be more and more efficient. The best advice I can give you is to keep it simple. Bring things that you can mix and match, or dress up and dress down. No more than 2 pairs of shoes tops. Take the time to fold. I know it may suck but it will save on space, And your clothes will be less wrinkled. If possible, as soon as you arrive at your destination, hang your clothes up. This will help to release any small wrinkles but not the larger ones so again, take the time to fold. And wear your jacket while traveling simply because they are the most difficult to pack and are the most stubborn with wrinkles. Packing light also helps to keep your footprint to a minimum which comes in handy when you are traveling with a large number of people.

Shirt~H&M, Tie~JCrew, Blazer~Higgins (thrifted), Trousers~Express, Socks~Tommy Hilfiger, Desert Boots~Aldo, Watch~Timex, Sunglasses~H&M, Tie Bar~Meeting Street

Polo~Polo Ralph Lauren, Blazer~Higgins (thrifted), Trousers~Express, Desert Boots~Aldo

Shirt~Express, Tie~JCrew, Blazer~Higgins (thrifted), Tie Bar~Meeting Street

Shirt~American Eagle (thrifted), Tie~JCrew, Blazer~Higgins (thrifted), Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Desert Boots~Clarks, Belt~JCrew, Tie Bar~Meeting Street, Watch~Timex, Sunglasses~H&M
If cheesecake is on the menu, I gotta have it!!
Turtle Cheesecake (courtesy of Jason's Deli in Shelbyville, KY)

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